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    Painting Tool Basics


    Stick with quality brushes. They cost a bit more, but they are worth it in the long run. Clean them after each use and they will last a long long time. You will need a 2 or 2 inch angular sash brush and the same size trim brush. Choose a premium brush with long dense flagged bristles. (Flagged bristles are not square cut but are split on the ends). These brushes will hold more paint and drip less.

    Use a synthetic brush when painting with latex paints. Although synthetic brushes can be used with Alkyd paints, I prefer a natural bristle brush.
    Make sure the brush holds the bristles tightly. (nothing is worse than a shedding brush)
    You will want brushes for cutting in and painting in areas that your roller can't reach. Foam brushes may have their uses, but interior wall painting is not one.


    On large flat surfaces rollers work best. You can even buy rollers that are fed from the can via a small pump, however I prefer a simple tray. Rollers should be chosen based on the the texture of the surface and the type of paint you are applying.

    Eggshells..............3/8" nap (longer)
    Alkyds..................3/16" nap (shorter)
    Higher glosses use a shorter nap

    For surfaces:
    smooth...................1/8 3/8
    semi- rough............ -
    rough...................... - 1

    More on Painting: Take a look!

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    If you can't replace a damaged stud, joist or roof rafter try "sistering" it. Get the damaged section jacked back into it's correct position, then cut to size a new stud, joist or rafter. Fasten or "sister" it alongside the damaged one with nails, screws or bolts. The two get the job done!

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    Painting Touch-ups

    Touching up flat paint works fairly well, but trying to repaint a glossy area never dries in a uniform way. You will likely have to redo the whole wall.

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