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Marble Q's & A's

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Question on cutting cultured marble

Rotozip make a bit that will cut cultured marble. You can find more info at http// Rotozip saws are similar to Dremel hobby tools but are said to provide more torque. The bit costs around 10 dollars part number #RZ125 and is available at large DIYs. The saw/drill is available for about $80.

A standard circular saw with a masonry blade will make the best cut. put masking tape on the top where the saw rides to prevent scratching the top

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Marble repairing

The two antique marble pillars (about a foot in length and 3 inches in diameter) that hold up the top piece of my china buffet broke into several pieces when the top was not attached properly. Does anyone know the best type of epoxy I should use to attempt to glue the pieces back together?

There is an epoxy called Akemi that many marble people in this area use. It is available at most stone or marble fabricators supply places. Akemi comes in different colors too, to match the stone so the repair wont show. Check your yellow pages.

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